We offer services (consulting and development of concepts) in the areas of cutting-edge technologies and sustainability. These comprise:



Algorithms: Development of algorithms for different applications. Transforming thoughts and solutions into a structured algorithms that are implementation-ready adapted to existing software-frameworks. Assistance during the implementation process.


data analysis and visualization

Data analysis, statistics & visualization: Analysis of your data & connecting the dots - finding hidden correlations and extract the optimal amount of information from your data sets in order to reach the most reliable conclusions. Representation & visualization the data/results in a clear and well-arranged way ("information to the point").


Simulation: A lot of things, structures, patterns & processes in nature, technique & society can be evaluated by the means of simulations (simulation of algorithms & processes). The simulation includes: concepts, structural design, conduction, analysis and presentation of simulation results. A pre-evaluation will be conducted in order to determine the complexity and feasibility of the required simulation steps and accuracies.


Concepts: Concepts for improving procedures in information processing, analytical calculation, work-flows and optimizations.



Sustainability solutions: Sustainability solutions for process chains. Gain better performance by reducing resources and energy. Supporting the transition towards a carbon-free future of society and industry.




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