Field visualizationWelcome to Be-Consulting! We are devoted to science & education. We offer services in conceptual consulting, knowledge transfer, as well as science & education:

  • B-Viz - science visualization
    Our aim is to strengthen & promote experiences in science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM). We utilize 3D visualizations to support the understanding of data & scientific phenomena. Examples can be found here.
  • Scientific/technical consulting & strategic concepts
    We assist your company in understanding cutting edge technology & trends. We identify strategies to merge these technologies into your projects in the most beneficial ways.
  • Development of algorithms
    We develop algorithms (mathematical prescriptions) tailored to your demands - with the goal of solving & optimizing your project-specific tasks & processes.
  • Data analysis & data mining
    We analyze your data in order to identify trends & hidden structures. The results are visualized in understandable ways in order to highlight the relevant information.
  • Process simulation
    We develop and perform computer simulations of processes and tasks in order to help you understand how their results will depend on certain parameters. Simulations help you to predict the outcome of a process - at a time it doesn't yet exist in reality.

For more details please refer to the service section or the section on science visualization: B-Viz. Click here to learn more about us. For general questions or requests please use our contact form.